Thursday, May 8, 2008

In-House Recycling Center

It would be nice if we all carried every recyclable item straight out to the blue bins the the garage, but not likely. Laziness often takes over and it ends up in the trash and therefore a landfill. Easy solution, an in-house recycling center. One for paper and one for plastic and glass. This is a great way to minimize your trash and maximize your recycling. I used to have a wire basket on my counter that we would fill up and take out at the end of the day, definitely not a clutter free option. Recently during a trip to
Ikea I picked up these great bins that stack. I bought two and printed off signs to designate paper and plastic. When the bins get full the kids take them out to the garage and empty them into the blue bins.  If space is an issue keeping two cans under the sink is an option as well. 

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