Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Children's School Storage

Lately I have been touring some new homes with a friend of mine. All of the homes have theses huge mud rooms with cubbies and tons of storage. I thought I would share with you my solution to storing children's excess STUFF if you are space challenged. I bought these lockers from a yoga studio I taught at when they closed and it was the best $100 I have spent. Each family member has their own locker with one to spare. Book bags, shoes, and coats all fit nicely with out all the clutter lying around the house. The children love the excitement of having their own "big kid" locker. Another great feature is that they are magnetic, the perfect place to display art work and awards. If you don't have a huge mud room these fit nicely against any wall without taking up a lot of space. Be an "earth helper" and find some used ones as I did!

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