Friday, January 11, 2008

Organizing Children's Books

A trip to a friend's house inspired me to discuss how to organize all of the wonderful children's books we have. We were strategizing on the best way to organize a playroom and got focused on a book shelf in disarray.

 Here are a few thoughts....

Young children can not read the spine of a book and only recognize their favorite stories by the colorful pictures on the front cover, so in order to find what they are looking for they pull all the books right off the shelf.  How can we avoid this ongoing chore? I like to place books in baskets or bins so they can flip through the books to see what they want. I also organize the baskets according to type of books, hard-backs together in one basket and soft-covers in another. If you have several children of different ages place the books for your youngest on the lower shelf and your older children's book up higher.  As your children learn to read you can then place the books on the shelves the traditional way but until then make it easy on your child and yourself. 

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