Friday, January 4, 2008

Health Effects of Clutter?

A close friend emailed me an article from the NY Times medicine and health section today titled Health Effects of Clutter. In the article the writer describes how with the New Year's arrival people are all about organizing. So they go out to and purchase lots of containers and begin sorting. Instead of reducing clutter they just rearrange it! The article goes on to discuss the health implications of holding on to too much stuff. If you are interested on where you rate on the "hoarding scale" check out the link
Everyone always says, "If my house was just bigger, all my problems would be gone". In my opinion if you have not addressed the issues a bigger house just means more stuff! 

Here is a quick plan of attack:

  1. Start small, tackle one place at a time. Pick one drawer or closet a day.
  2. Spend a specific amount of time on that space.
  3. Ask yourself these two questions. Does it celebrate me or something I am passionate about? Is it functional and useful at present time? If not it is clutter, and is holding you down.
  4. Recycle, donate, or pass on before you change your mind.
Good Luck!

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