Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No-Knead Bread

Here is the follow-up post to yesterdays post on the bread of France:

My second bread making experience turned out just as yummy as the first. I prepared the dough at around noon. Simply mixing bread flour, salt, yeast, and water together in a bowl.

Then I covered the bowl with a cloth towel for 4 hours in a warm spot.

After letting the dough rise for 4 hours I placed the dough on a floured surface and folded it in half once. 

I then covered the dough with a bowl and let it rise for another 30 min.

After 30 minutes I place the dough in a heavy enameled pot and baked it for 30 minutes covered. After 30 minutes I removed the top for 2 minutes to get a nice golden crust.

The family loved the bread and ate it along with yummy soup for dinner. The perfect meal for a winter evening.  Most of the bread (and butter) gone!

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jls535 said...

It was delicious!!