Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Library - Save on Cash, Clutter, and Waste

A while back I wrote about my love of books. I also discussed my self-imposed restriction on my purchase of books. So far it has been a success. I have continued to utilize the local trade-a-book to get new books while I trade in the old. I have also expanding my library use 10 fold (you know you are a frequent visitor when you don't need to show your library card). With a bit of delayed gratification the library is not only free but efficient as well. Here is how it works. I go online reserve the books and movies that interest me and when they are in I receive an email notification. Usually it only takes a few days to get what you are looking for unless it is a new release & you are way down on the list. The NY Times Book Review online is a great resource for new books that you might want to reserve. Now I am able to read as much as I want without the expense, the waste, and my shelves are relatively clutter free.

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