Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Released

Do you have a shelf full of cookbooks that looked great in the bookstore but have collected dust ever since? If so then here is the cookbook for you! Make Me Something Good to Eat a cookbook by Tamara Davis has answered my prayers. This small cookbook is full of kid friendly recipes suited for adults as well. The recipes are healthy and quick promoting simple living at its best. I ordered the cookbook after getting hooked on Tamara's online cooking show and have since plowed my way through the book making everything from orange and green muffins to pasta with pesto sauce. OK so here is the challenge, clear out the clutter! Donate any cookbooks that have not been used recently and only keep what you love and use. If there is a cookbook with one or two recipes you like tear them out and place them in your recipe binder. Out with the old in with the new.....

Check out Tamara's Web Site at http://www.tamradaviscookingshow.com/

Bon Appetite!

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