Monday, August 4, 2008

A Retail Fast

With the price of gas through the roof and the cost of goods rising as a result, maybe it is time for a "retail fast". After a weekend in the mountains and a much needed "technology fast" I think a "retail fast" is a good follow-up. So how do we avoid those impulse purchases that we really don't need? Here are a few tips: Ask yourself the following 3 questions before a purchase 1. Do I really need it? 2. Do I really love it? 3. Is it functional for me and my home? Another great tip is to keep a running list of items you run out of or do need to purchase and stick to it! Remember when one item comes in another must depart. Finally wait, wait, wait. Take a few days to think about a purchase before you buy, you just might change your mind. 
Good Luck!

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