Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Ban on Bisphenol A?

I know we have covered the dangers of Bisphenol A before. But here is some new information. As mentioned before this chemical leaches out of your polycarbonate plastic into your food and beverages when the plastic is heated. BPA has been linked to many disorders such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, changes in brain structures,  and early puberty. Now they are noting that this chemical is also present in tin cans. The lining of the cans contains BPA. This is especially a problem with old cans; another reason to clean out that pantry! In Canada they are working towards banning this dangerous chemical because the research is so alarming. Avoid the concern and store leftovers in mason jars and glass containers. I tossed the plastic years ago in exchange for a set by Martha Stewart, it is still in excellent condition and has lots of sizes and shapes to store my leftovers and goodies. 

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