Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Weekend Meditation Class spills over into everyday life....

My meditation class at the Shiwa Center for Peace started up again this past weekend after a summer hiatus. The Shiwa Center for Peace is located in Mount Pleasant and offers various meditation classes even one for children and teens. "Shiwa", which is the Tibetan word for "peace", is a non-profit organization and classes are offered on a donation basis. The director of the center is Bhakhang Tulku Rinpoche, he is also our guide in establishing a meditation practice. Upon entering Shiwa the first thing you will notice is the overwhelming sense of calm you will feel, the center is truly a reflection of Rinpoche's teachings and way of life. It is a great opportunity to learn the practice of insight meditation which allows us to be more alive, mindful, and balanced in everyday life. When I leave Shiwa I see how the practice of meditation can be applied to everything in life. When we sweep the floor, do the dishes, eat a meal, talk with a friend, we are present and in the moment. Please go to the web site for more information.

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