Friday, October 5, 2007

Physical Clutter = Mental Clutter

What is Clutter? Here is a great way to determine what stays and what goes when trying to create a more balanced space:
  1. Does it celebrate you & what you are passionate about?
  2. Is it useful & functional on a regular basis? (yes, a bread maker is useful and functional but not if it has been collecting dust for 5 years)

If it does not fit the above criteria IT IS CLUTTER!!!!

I just had the great opportunity of helping a close friend with her kitchen. We spent about 4 hours going through cabinets and separated into baskets to recycle and donate. Her positive attitude and non-attachment to material goods made the process very easy. She let go with love and it felt very cathartic as well as exhausting. We finished with a nice relaxing lunch. Not only did the process benefit her but she was able to give items to others that no longer had purpose in her home but would serve someone else well.

A little Karma Yoga anyone?

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antonia bg said...

What about plastics? There has been all this research recently that has come out regarding plastics. Most kitchens are stocked full of plastics especially those who have kids. Do we know which ones are good and bad? That is certainly a way to reduce clutter, throw out the stuff that's chocked full of estrogen....