Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bedside Storage

Having a limited amount of space is a constant challenge when two children share a room. Keeping furniture to a minimum so they have room to play on the floor is important, as well as making sure they have a place for their favorite items. I decided to use some kitchen storage items from IKEA for my boy's books. Since they have a bunk bed it is important that the child on the top-bunk can store books and a glass of water. Above are some pictures of their bedside storage solution. 

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Anonymous said...

slow day in the library so I am browsing various design and food blogs for inspiration... I must say, I really could have used this in the last place I lived- there was absolutely no way to have a bedside table, but this would have been a neat solution. Luckily I now have a tiny bit more space, and a place to stack up my books at night. Hope you are well.

Sarah in DC