Monday, September 15, 2008

Updates on Lap Top Lunches and Meal Exchange

Here is the low down on the Lap Top Lunch Box and my neighborhood meal exchange. First of all I love the Lap Top Lunch. Zero waste and because the compartments are on the small size the kids eat everything I pack. Having 5 compartments also promotes variety. I can pack a fruit, veggie, snack, and sandwich. Best of all the kids love them. One more plus is that they are flat and keep their backpacks flat minimizing the bulk. 

Now onto the meal exchange. Three weeks of meal exchanging has proved successful and fun. We have all tried new foods and the kids have learned they like the unexpected. The exchange has saved time, money, and energy. Cooking once instead of three times has freed up time to spend with family and decreased my stress. My goal has always been to simplify and this fits right in. If you are interested in the details let me know. 

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