Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taco Boy, Well Worth The Trip!

I know that driving from Mount Pleasant all the way to Taco Boy on Folly Beach is not the "greenest" way to get a taco, but it is worth the trip. About once a month my family of five pile into our Volvo wagon and head to the beach for tacos, chips and pico and we enjoy every bite! Recently I learned that Taco Boy will be opening a downtown location and I am thrilled beyond words. I also learned that unbenonced to me Taco Boy is a "green" restaurant, from using recycled materials in their building process to growing their own chili peppers. The menu offers great vegetarian dishes as well. With an atmosphere great for kids and adults alike it is hard to pass up, so next time you are craving some queso and chips head to the beach and stop by Taco Boy!

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